In this world, one of the few universal principles is the idea of balance. Dark follows light. Good follows evil.

Under Clint's administration, chat lives under a crude form of order. Clint wants memes, babes, and a steady stream of donations. His chosen moderators dispense frontier justice, intervening to keep the peace only when absolutely necessary. Chat is allowed to spam at select intervals and instances, ultimately following Clint's desires for a party-like atmosphere within the dotted lines.

Yet some dream of a different, darker world. Some men live under the eye of chaos. They want blood in the streets and fire in the sky. These angels of the abyss follow the dark lord CMUCKY, a crude cudgel of the void. Cmucky works to corrupt chat in every instance, working against Clint and the order, striving towards complete anarchy. While many well-to-do citizens dismiss him as a mad troll, the beaten down, the poor, and the outcast worship his incoherent babbling. While Cmucky may work towards the End of All, the lower classes see this as preferrable to the status quo of pain. They wish to elevate Cmucky to give him a moderator's blade, to carve the cut that will open this reality and sever the great cord forever.